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Tavinia Naiken

People and conservation at crossroads: A case study of the Mauritius flying fox (Pteropus niger) culling controversy on the island state of Mauritius

Tavinia’s research focuses on Mauritius and the seeming binary opposition of society versus nature on the island. Her thesis examines both the pro-conservation discourses involved in the culling of the Mauritian flying fox intermittently carried out on the island since 2015 and the societal aspects that drive the massive cull of the only indigenous species of mammal left on the island. Her research explores the complexities of reconciling human with nature on an island state with no prior indigenous human population. 

Tavinia holds a BA in Mass Communication from Curtin University of Technology, Australia, and an Honours degree in Media Theory and Practice from UCT. She also completed a diploma in Digital Film Production at SAE Institute, Cape Town. Tavinia has accumulated experience in the tourism industry and parastatal sector as a PR executive, but her passion remains environmental protection and writing.