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Tania Katzschner

Tania is working towards a practice that connects the natural and the social worlds in a way that honours that which is alive. This aliveness needs to be fostered so that our (living) world – so at risk in these times – can become more alive and, at the same time, more human. Her research interests are around human-nature relationships, urban nature and reconnecting ecological questions to an expanded sense of care, responsibility, belonging and obligation. She aspires to work towards a socially engaged ecology and towards an ecologically engaged society. 

Tania is a PhD candidate in Environmental Humanities South, as well as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at UCT. She is working on a Radical Hope Syllabus entitled 'Looking at the ordinary – a tender practice of forging relationships', initiated via a workshop at the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society in Munich.