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Jess Tyrrell

Where values flow: In search of a politics and ethic of care

Jess’s thesis is an exploration of the significance of care for thinking and living in a more-than-human world. It investigates what values underlie people’s choice to collect water from a source other than a domestic tap – particularly from the natural springs around Cape Town. Underlying this research is the hypothesis that a water ethic – an ethic of care – is informed and enhanced when the source of water is known, and that the enactment of water collection results in a relationship with water that translates into a more care-full approach to water use. 

Jess is an environmental psychologist who works with young people in outdoor experiential education and believes firmly in the power of time outdoors as a way of finding one’s place in our more-than-human world. She is a qualified mountain, river and trail guide and teaches workshops on indigenous medicinal plants and bushcraft.