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Why the University of Cape Town?

What will distinguish the Cape Town environmental humanities initiative is its investment in dialogues in the South, and its creative, critical and collegial engagement with leading researchers at UCT: in climate change, marine management, urban planning, environmental law, water engineering, and public health. The programme will include training in scientific data and modelling and decision-support tools, alongside a programme of guests; a seminar series dedicated to discussing new work in this field, and a reading programme on the wider issues in the environmental humanities that bear on the research project itself.
The goal would be to create a hub of scholars in the environmental humanities which, via a combination of a rich reading programme; deep ethnographic research; dialogue with UCT environmental scientists who work with publics, and its broad international networks, can grow into an internationally recognised strength of the Humanities Faculty at UCT, with close ties to emerging interdisciplinary work at UCT on climate change.