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Dina Dabo

Community-based natural resource management: The case of community forest management areas in Pete, Zanzibar.

This study investigates the positive and negative impacts of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Pete Village in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The project used community narratives to understand the intersection between conservation and development efforts through their personal experiences and concluded that in spite of the achievement of some developmental goals, these efforts have failed to protect the forests and its natural resources from degradation. At the same time, community members increasingly struggle to live sustainably. The findings suggest a different intervention is needed to conserve Zanzibar’s forests while ensuring that community members can live a sustainable life. 

Dina is a UCT graduate from the EHS programme. Her research interests have focused on social and environmental issues prevalent in southern African countries. She places particular emphasis on local people’s lived experiences in relation to environmental conservation interventions, and how the interplay of state and capital’s decisions plays a significant role in the progress or deterioration of socio-ecological matters.