Interdisciplinary MA
Electives include: Environmental Conflicts | Science, Nature and Democracy | Space, Place and Literary Non-Fiction in Africa | Film and the Environment | Environmental Documentary | Society and Natural Resources | Decolonial Theory
Earth Ecology Humanities
This innovative MA elective includes several themes and topics: Researching the Anthopocene | Race and the making of an environmental public | The militarisation of conservation | Energy provision, climate change and the challenges of the...
Environmental Humanities South
Environmental Humanities South is an interdisciplinary research group and postgraduate training programme established in 2015



An interdisciplinary research cluster and postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Humanities

The environmental humanities is the term for a dynamic and growing field in universities across the world, one promoting interdisciplinary scholarship that explores how we understand the relations between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production. Ranging from scientific modelling to government policy, from social justice movements to the creative arts, it examines questions of sustainability, human wellbeing and the environment in their broadest sense.  In a 21st-century context of increasing pressure on the biosphere, the environmental humanities provide a vital intellectual space that enables researchers, students, artists, writers, scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to reflect critically on the concepts that underlie contemporary environmentalism.

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*The next programme begins in February 2019